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August 19, 2022

Patient-specific airway stent using three-dimensional printing: a review

A review of the utility and state of the art of patient-specific airway stents featuring our VisionAir 3D Stent Architect technology.
June 6, 2022

Custom-fitted 3D Stent Gives Patients Route to Easier Breathing

Severe narrowing of an area near her lungs left Elizabeth King gasping after taking a few steps or standing in the kitchen. This patient story details the transformative results of receiving a 3D Stent for treatment of central airway obstruction.
November 19, 2020

Patient-specific airway stents created using 3D printing technology

Mayo Clinic is one of the first centers to offer patients our 3D Stents with complex central airway obstruction. Read about the positive outcomes they are getting!
January 8, 2020

FDA Approves 3D-printed Airway Stents Developed by Cleveland Clinic Doctor

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared patient-specific airway stents developed by Cleveland Clinic physician Tom Gildea, M.D.
January 1, 2020

Custom Stent is Breath of Fresh Air for Lung Cancer Survivor by Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Gildea, who has been working on the concept since 2014, is eager to see the positive effects the devices can have on the 30,000 or so patients requiring airway stents each year in the United States. “Shortness of breath is quite insidious, and over time it can get progressively worse. As Keith showed, a patient can go from feeling totally incapacitated to feeling completely normal with the right stent.”
October 20, 2019

Early outcomes with 3D printing and Airway Stents

We describe our initial clinical outcomes with the placement of thirteen patient-specific (PS) silicone stents in four patients with underlying complex airway diseases who had multiple complications associated with commercially-available airway stents.
November 1, 2018

Application of 3D Printing for Patient-Specific Silicone Stents: 1-Year Follow-Up on 2 Patients

A report of the 1-year outcomes associated with the VisionAir 3D Stent in two patients at Cleveland Clinic.
July 18, 2018

Clinical experience with a novel type of airway stent

Patient-specific, 3D-engineered silicone stents were manufactured and successfully implanted in 2 patients with tracheobronchomalacia.
September 30, 2016

Custom Stents Help People Breathe

When breathing is hard, life is hard. Every single move becomes difficult. Patients with serious breathing disorders sometimes need stents to keep their airways open. Until now, these devices were made with a one-size-fits-all approach. But custom stents are helping some people breathe easier.
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How professionals are utilizing VisionAir 3D Printed Stents

July 19, 2022

Webinar - VisionAir 3D Printed Stents

VisionAir 3D Printed Stents Webinar Featuring Dr. Gildea, Young, and De Cardenas.

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