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The VisionAir 3D Stent Architect is a medical web application that provides a design interface for physicians to create patient-specific silicon airway stents.

Patient-Specific Airway Stents

3D model of stent
Example of VisionAir software
Standalone stend 3D model

Patient-Specific Device from CT Scan



3D Stents can be tailored to match any individual patient anatomy. This breakthrough eliminates the need for onsite modification: no cutting, no stitching, and no gluing.

VisionAir 3D provides a streamlined process from CT upload to stent design. Our sphere design interface provides a tool to design stents with precision and ease.

3D Stent Prescriptions are manufactured in medical grade silicone as one cohesive patient-specific implant.

3D model of stent

Control the angulation at any position to contour a stent's shape to the complexities of any airway anatomy.

Adjust the inner diameter of the stent at any point from 6.0mm - 18.0mm

Bifurcated structure minimizes migration.

Our Mission

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At VisionAir Solutions, we acknowledge that each patient is unique. This is why we believe that reimagining the airway stent is crucial for the future of interventional airway treatment.

Our company strives to work with leading pulmonologists to deliver the essential tools that will allow them to meet the needs of any individual.

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