VisionAir Solutions History

Check back soon to view our journey developing patient-specific medical devices!

Formation of Custom Orthopaedic Solutions, Inc. (COS) as spinout of Cleveland Clinic
Developed and FDA-cleared Glenoid Intelligent Reusable Instrument System (IRIS)
Desktop 3D preoperative planning software and reusable adjustable surgical tools for guiding shoulder arthroplasty procedures.
Creation & FDA-clearance of cloud-based preoperative planning software for Glenoid IRIS
Cloud-based software that allows easy CT upload from a hospital and adjustment of surgical plans from desktop software.  This was the beginning of our cloud-based preoperative planning journey.
Glenoid IRIS technology acquired by Arthrex and launched as Arthrex VIP
Arthrex implants are integrated into the Glenoid IRIS system and COS is acquired.  The newly created Virtual Implant Positioning (VIP) system is still in utilization today.
Formation of VisionAir Solutions with remaining engineering team from COS
VisionAir Solutions tasked with FDA clearance & commercialization of patient-specific airway stent system including cloud-based design software for streamlined production.
First patient-specific airway stent is implanted through FDA Compassionate Use
VisionAir 3D Stent Architect is FDA-cleared & alpha launch begins
Alpha launch begins at Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals of Cleveland, and Mayo Clinic, treating patients with severe central airway obstruction (CAO).
VisionAir 3D v2.0.0 Receives FDA Clearance
Version 2.0 of VisionAir 3D Stent Architect is FDA-cleared.
VisionAir Solutions Acquired by NextStep
VisionAir 3D Stent Architect continues to grow
>50 Interventional Pulmonologists and > 30 hospitals around the country utilizing 3D Stent Architect!